MARCH 2021 

700 years after his passing, Dante Alighieri is still a star. Why?
I’ll try to answer this question in my opening speech for an event featuring readings from the Divine Comedy, videos and original music.
Don’t miss this occasion to celebrate art together!
A journey through Dante INFERNO
Recital for early instruments (Lute and Harpsichord), live electronics and voice.
With an introduction about Dante.
700 is an event produced by the Italian Embassy for the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death.
The event is created by Jacopo Gianninoto, Alberto Firrincieli and Maurizio Mistretta with the collaboration of BIAG – Bangkok International Artist Guild and Francesca Andreini.
700 is a reading of selected excerpts from Inferno in ancient Florentine, accompanied by live music and videos with English subtitles and preceded by the introduction: Dante – the secret reason of his enduring fame throughout 7 centuries.
Music and live electronics: Jacopo Gianninoto and Alberto Firrincieli
Video and Voice: Maurizio Mistretta
Introduction: Francesca Andreini
The event will take place on March 25, 2021, at BACC
17.30 registration
18.30 performance